Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for visiting my site and to give you a little insight into some of the resources we have that could help make you more productive.  Microsoft Outlook is an awesome program that is jam packed with the tools you need to get connected with your clients and to keep you organized.  This is just one of the specialties that we can offer you at My Personal Virtual Assistant.

Lets look a little more in depth at the types of assistance we can give you in working with Microsoft Outlook.  As a company e-mail tool, Outlook offers you the ability to send and receive messages from your clients effortlessly and can also help you organize the messages that you want to keep for future reference.  Setting up folders is a great way to group your messages together and keep them in chronological order, so you can locate what you need, when you need it.  Within the folders, you get an added benefit of being able to locate certain messages by sender, date, subject and importance, just to name a few.  This can be critical when you are trying to reference items in a conversation with your clients, and it lets them know you are engaged in the conversation because you have the original message contents at you fingertips when addressing their needs or questions.  My Personal Virtual Assistant can be instrumental in helping you to group your e-mails into these types of folders so that you can respond to your clients requests promptly.  We can also assist with setting up your out of office reply, when you are going to be away from your office for vacations, seminars, etc.

Microsoft Outlook is a great place to organize your clients contact information.  You can put a wealth of information on a clients contact page, including their e-mail addresses and web pages, as well as physical and mailing addresses.  There is plenty of room to put work, mobile and fax numbers so you have everything in one neat place.  My Personal Virtual Assistant can help you to organize your Contacts and set up groups for mass e-mail campaigns.  There are added features that will allow you to forward contact information to a fellow employee who may be working on a specialized project with your contact and you have the option to categorize your contacts so you can find them quickly when you need them.

One of the features that is extremely popular amongst Microsoft Outlook users, is the ability to schedule meetings, invite people to attend, and receive a response from them that they will attend.  Not only that, but it will put the meeting information on their calendar once they accept the invite.  My Personal Virtual Assistant can help you to set up meetings with your clients, and can help you to follow up with those that do not respond to your requests.  A large amount of time can be spent just trying to gather the responses of meeting invitees, when you could be spending that time on something much more productive.

Everyone needs a Task List.  It keeps us organized and it gives us a sense of accomplishment when we can mark something off that list.  Microsoft Outlook is a great tool for keeping your business or personal life organized.  My Personal Virtual Assistant can help you to develop and maintain a Task List that will include all of the business and personal responsibilities that you need to do or respond to each day.  Nothing will drop off the list until it is actually completed so you can always know what you need to accomplish and when.  Being a productive employee requires each of us to organize our tasks so that everything gets done, both efficiently and timely.

These are just a few of the things we can eliminate from your workload and help you to be more organized and complete tasks more timely.  Complete the contact form so we can discuss how to assist you with keeping your business and personal responsibilities on track.  Being more organized and productive will make you and your employer happy.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Next time we will look at more ways My Personal Virtual Assistant can make your work life run smoother and more efficient.  See you then !!